Dazzle Me Megaways

Everyone loves slot machines. But, we all know it can be a risky matter to play them and you might not win big and leave the casino with a lot of cash. With this new game, however, it’s completely different. This online casino game is very interactive and you can play it on your computer, as well as on your mobile devices such as your iPhone and Android phones. This game is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

The audio/visual effects of the slot machine HTML5 game called Dazzle Me Megaways by NET ENT are amazing. The first thing you’ll notice is the loud and lively music which has a nice pace to it, as well as some lovely background images from different times in history. The colors of this video slot machine also have a lot of contrast but they’re not too bright or too dark. In fact, they’re just right.

When playing this game, you can choose either a coin slot and one of the five cards and the bonus. The bonus has three different types: standard, super and extra. Standard is the easiest one to win as it pays 5 times your line bet, while super pays 70 times your line bet for a maximum of 1.000.000 credits and extra pays 300 times your line bet for a maximum of 15.000.000 credits as long as you have at least 5 active lines in play at once.

The regular card has a maximum bet of 10 credits and can be used to substitute any symbol on the reels. In other words, you can get a combination of symbols on the reels. If you get five of a kind, you’ll get 10 additional credits added to your total bet.

The bonus card has many different pictures from famous paintings from around the world, including famous scenes from history such as Beethoven’s Death and Chopin playing in Paris or Van Gogh in Arles. The card will have one of the following pictures on it – two of the same picture, two symbols or three symbols.

After you pick your cards, you can gamble them on one of the winning cards in the game. If you win, your credits are multiplied by 10. If you hit on an even hit, your credits double and if you hit on an odd hit, they triple. But, if you lose your cards, the game goes on. This is not a real-money play so you can’t win any real money by playing this HTML5 game. However, the excitement is still there and the experience is unforgettable.

The combination of bright colors, nice sounds and great bonuses in this game make it an amazing slot machine HTML5 game with great entertainment value. It’s not only fun but also easy to play which makes it suitable for almost everyone even if they’ve never played a slot machine before in their lives.

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