Jurassic Island Slots

Jurrasic Island is one of the most popular and easiest online slot games. Its theme revolves around dinosaurs and it looks like a prehistoric area. Jurassic Island has a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and 3 reels. The wild symbol is the volcano which appears on all reels at different times during the game. The scatter symbol is an island which also appears on all three reels during the game. It can appear anywhere on the reels except for the middle reel. The 3 reels are present in the dinosaur theme. There are also additional bonus features that can be won during the game.

From left to right, this slot has a stack of 4 fruit symbols with a dinosaur on top, a wild symbol that is a volcano, and 3 reels with pictures of dinosaurs and skulls that run across them. There is also an expanding symbol in this area when there are 2 or more of these symbols on any given reel. When the wild symbol appears on any of the reels there are 2 additional spinning symbols.

Jurassic Island slots has 5 types of icons ranging from fruit, to the volcano, to the expanding symbol and to 3 reels. It also has a scatter symbol that is an island which is used in all spins so you can only get it once during every spin.

The wild symbol in this game is the volcano. It only appears on the 2nd and 3rd reels, but when it does it covers all three symbols that are present in that reel. When this happens you could potentially win much more than if just one of the three symbols were covered.

The scatter symbol in this game is the island. It also appears on all 3 reels which means it can be a great way to increase your chances of winning big.

The expanding symbol in this game appears during a double set of three fruit symbols. When this happens you will see a bright light flash around the expanding symbol and the volcano on the reel that has it will burst into a bright light as well. This occurs during a free spin round as well, so it is a good idea to use it as soon as possible.

There are 3 reels in this game and they have pictures of dinosaurs, skulls and fruit on them. When you spin the reels you will see the dinosaur symbols land on the left or right of any one of the three reels. There are also skulls which land on any reel that does not have any of the fruit symbols present.

The 3 reels with pictures of dinosaurs and skulls on them can be a great way to ensure that you will get a good payout when you use this slot. The fact that the island symbol can appear anywhere in any spin makes it easy for the player to find a winning combination.

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