Lord Merlin And The Lady Of The Lake Slots

In the wake of a lot of older style slot games that have been around for years, there is now a new trend with slot games that are adding to the gaming experience. One such game is Lord Merlin And The Lady Of The Lake by Play’n GO. This free-to-play game’s goal is to give players a chance at winning cash prizes and also different items from around the world.

It is a game that has some similarities to other games like Twin Spin. Unlike, however, this game gives players a chance at winning a ton of cash prizes as well as other items.

This free slot machine game can be found on both the Play’n GO and All Games platforms. Players will find that the games feature a total of 15 pay lines, 3x multipliers and rows. The number of coins that players can win also ranges from 1 to 50 coins per line.

The game symbols that players will encounter include the Sorcerer, the Dragon, the Queen of Hearts, Lord Merlin, The Lady of the Lake and The Unicorn.

Players will also find that the game features some pretty detailed graphics as well as incredible sounds and music. The sound effects and music are both top notch and make the game seem like a more realistic type of experience.

Lord Merlin And The Lady Of The Lake is a fairly easy game to play and even those that do not like slots will still like the game because it is pretty simple on how to play. Players can access it within minutes of turning on their computer or mobile device.

Basic gameplay is simple as well. Once a player has chosen how many lines they wish to play, the game will then start. Players need to pick a number from 1 to 15. Then, they must choose from the wizard’s tower which pocket to go into. Then, the player will be greeted with their first spin of the game and can even choose how much coin is on each line. After that, the game will automatically begin spinning and players just need to hit the spin button to win or lose their coins.

When playing, players will notice that there is a lower pay table as well as a top pay table. The lower pay table features different amounts of coins and lines. Players can win anywhere from 1 to 5 coins on each line with the highest amount of coins being 50 and the lowest amount of coins being 1. There is also a maximum number of lines that players can play at: 40 for 10 coins per line and 80 for 20 coins per line.

The top pay table gives players a better chance at winning a lot of cash. To reach this pay table, players must get the dragon to the second level of the dragon’s tower. Once there, players can play for a maximum number of 80 coins per line and can get up to 3x multipliers on each spin.

This slot machine game also features what is called a jackpot round or “free spins round.” In this feature, up to 10 free spins are awarded to the player from the master sorcerer. The free spins can be used to try and win free cash prizes. However, players must always make sure that the dragon has reached the second level of its tower for this feature to be able to work.

Once players have activated this feature, they must then hit one of the buttons located below the screen that will allow them to choose if the game will now carry on normally or if it will now carry on with 2x multipliers.

From there, the game will carry on with 10 free spins for the player to use however they wish. The “free spins round” feature is one of the biggest reasons that players should play this game because it can really help to boost their winnings.

Additionally, players will see that there are other ways in which they can win big money prizes while playing Lord Merlin And The Lady Of The Lake. This is because the game features some more main payouts. These payouts are not special bonuses but can still help to grow any player’s winnings.

In conclusion, Lord Merlin And The Lady Of The Lake by Play’n GO is a fun and easy slot machine that does a great job of giving players just the right amount of luck. Players can access it from either their computer or mobile device which makes it a great option to have on any phone, tablet, computer or any other type of device. Players will also find that this is a great way for them to test drive the games before deciding if they want to continue playing them after they have been added to their favorites list.

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