Not Enough Kittens Slots

So you’ve heard all about the awesome and addicting slot machine game called Not Enough Kittens, but there’s just one problem: It’s far too easy to win. You can win about 100,000 coins every round without ever having to hit a bonus round! This means your wallet is going to be screaming for mercy if you keep playing for too long. Fortunately, there are ways that you can beat the odds to finally get that elusive 10 million coin jackpot.

First, you want to get the bonus rounds often. You can get more bonus rounds by getting a bonus symbol more than once (each one gives you a free spin and thus a free chance at getting another bonus round). Don’t be afraid to hit “Max Bet,” since you’ll either win big or lose all your coins! Remember that your goal is to find the jackpot — that 10,000 coins — and if it means betting big (but remember: don’t bet more than you can lose) then so be it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to play for the long haul, and if you’re down to your last five coins and still haven’t found the jackpot, replay the round. There’s something to be said for making sure you win those extra bonus rounds.

The longer you play this game (which I’m sure you will), the more likely to get that elusive jackpot. So cheer up (if it hasn’t already happened) and keep trying — we’ll find that 10 million coin jackpot! Not Just Yet . . .

But don’t worry — we’re not giving up just yet. We know there’s something we’re missing — we just haven’t figured out what it is yet! So here’s a little hint: It involves a kitten and “not enough.” We’ll come back to this in the next article!

All the best, and hurry back soon, because we’re still looking for that elusive jackpot! Until next time, let’s keep playing those Kitten slot machine games.

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