Rambo Stallone

This is an article explains how to play the slots game Rambo Stallone. It contains basic information on what the game is all about, what you can win, and how to put your money into play. The article also contains a list of online casinos that work with this game, so that you can get started playing straight away. The official reasons why you want to play the game are listed in the article, to make sure you don’t put your money into a game that doesn’t pay.

One of the most successful movie series ever featured an unstoppable, muscle-bound figure called Rambo, who starred in a franchise of movies, known collectively as Rambo. Despite being exactly what his name was about, this character went through all sorts of adventures in his time, including being rapidly promoted from grunt to captain in several different armies. The latest in the franchise, Rambo is a prequel to the other movies in the series, where he is also at his toughest.The game used symbols directly connected to the movie, but expanded on it in many different ways. Since the movie was so famous at the time, people could easily recognise elements of it in this game. It was played on traditional 3 reel slots games with 5 paylines, but gave players much more flexibility than previous games. There were several bonus games that could be played during a spin, and a feature that allowed players to win big even if they were only getting a single line.

Chances of winning with Rambo Stallone Slots at Online Casinos

The creators of the game announced that it could be very well possible to win more than 1,000,000 chips during each spin. This was because the winning symbols were locked away in an extra game which was played at the end of each game. This was called the lock game, which could be played on so many of the lines that the player wished to have active. This meant that any win of more than 1,000 would lead to even bigger wins being able to be made, which gave players a very good chance of winning big.
Rambo Stallone Slots Bonuses

The game offered players 3 different bonuses, which could be played during any spin. These were the following.

Free Spins – This game was not designed to make the player win money, but to simply give them an extra boost of excitement. The game allowed players to win free spins if they managed to trigger each of the symbols that appeared on 3 or more reels. When all the reels had been triggered, the symbols that had appeared on 3 reels appeared on the screen. This allowed players to win big if they were able to trigger 5 or more symbols.

Lock game – This game was triggered automatically after any spin was ended. It allowed players to play at any time they wished to, and could be played an unlimited number of times during a game. This means that the player could play the game again and again, but would not be able to win big. The only way to win big was to win all 5 lines at the same time. Every spin allowed players to choose one of the 3 bonuses and try and trigger it during a spin.

Lock symbol – this symbol showed up whenever there was a winning combination that could be made by activating each of the reels. This meant that the bonus round could never be played if this symbol had appeared.

How to play Rambo Stallone Slots

The game was played at any one of many casinos that offered it, and was played exactly like previous games that had been released at this time. A player started with 500 chips and could buy as many as they wanted on each spin. It was usually only necessary to buy between 1 and 10 chips on each spin, since all bets used by players were added up for ea, which showed how much they had won. Every spin allowed players to buy a maximum of 5 chips, and the best way to play the game was to keep spending them in this fashion. The best times to play the game were at night, when the casinos were busiest, and just before it started. The start of a new game meant that all 3 bonuses could be played during it, and this could hugely increase the winnings made each spin. This is because it meant that you could trigger all of the bonuses on every spin. This resulted in a really good player making a lot of money each time they played.

Rambo Stallone Slots did not allow players to instantly win big, and did not offer any huge jackpots. It was still important to play carefully though, since players were able to lose their entire bankroll during the game if they did not keep an eye on how much you had left at all times. This was true for even players that were using the maximum amount of chips each spin, and should be taken into consideration. To make sure that you did not end up losing all your money, it is important to always check the total amount of cash that has been used during a spin. This allows players to know exactly how much they have won or lost during a spin, and can warn them if they are about to use up all their most recent wins.


Rambo Stallone Slots is one of the most entertaining games ever released, which had players playing for hours on end. The game still has a huge following today, despite being over 10 years old, and is playable at some of the best online casinos. The game is available in several different versions today, but all of these are based on the same game. This means that it does not suffer from many changes at all times, and this makes it one of the best slot machines to play. The latest versions of the game have been designed to work on even the smallest screens, and this makes it possible for players to enjoy it from wherever they are. This is far better than having to go out in order to find a local version of the game, and really makes the newest versions of Rambo Stallone Slots one of the best games around.

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